Wednesday, April 9, 2008

IPl Cricket Forum

What happens when a group of die-hard Indian Cricket Fans, a brilliant coder and black coffee gets together ? The result is an unique Prediction Game which anyone can play just with a few mouse clicks! Yes "Predict the Winner of IPL" is the latest buzz doing rounds in youth communities. So, if you think you know everything about IPL - then just go and predict the winners. was launched two weeks back just to reach out to every youth who wants a part of the action. Apart from teams, information's, wallpapers, IPl Videos, Auctions, news, reviews, match previews and musch more. Even you can see Live IPL Score during the match!

Apart from the fact that the Winner also gets Cash and other rewards - the main part is everybody takes part in the excitement it generates. Again, the Community Forum allows users to score runs with every comment. The Cricket and IPL quiz section is also quite popular with users scoring and losing runs with every correct and incorrect answer.

IPL Cricket Forum is a must visit destination for all IPL Fans to discuss and share every match for DLF IPL 2010 - session 3.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mobile video upload: bringing people closer to one another

What we all fear when distance – physical distance – is placed between us and the ones we love is that an unwished for phenomenon should ensue. The consequence we fear is the alienation from the people with whom we once used to spend all of our time. Fortunately enough, the uplift manifest in communication technologies these days can serve as a reliable and valuable tool to help us keep in touch with those we left at home. In fact, the boost experienced by the above mentioned technologies is so impressive that even people who are separated by a continent can be parts of more than satisfactory communication.

From mobile phones to Internet facilitated means we have arrived at a particular pattern combining them both: a pattern of mobile video upload which associates the speed and quality of Internet services to the video features of cameras or of the many mobile phone services. This device has taken the form of an upload video site, where members can upload pictures, either from their mobile phones or from their video cameras, so that their loved ones should actually be able to have an accurate image about what’s new in their life.

Visit Hot Clips for uploading your video and checking out others.

Online citizen journalism using Mobile Video Clips

You can connect online citizen journalism with the image of an immense sea (it is, in point of fact, a genuine ocean of data shared out there) where the greatest waves are created by these hot clips. A mobile video upload is likely to have a significant impact due precisely to the fact that it is an image. And we think that it is already widely acknowledged that images (the more that they come associated with sound and commentaries) are equipped with the possibility of determining some of the most powerful responses. And, in an online community interacting also through hot clips, responses are the element which gives coherence to the whole group.

Of course, everybody is aware of the fact that no communication is possible without coherence. Even though we still share the remnants of a postmodern era where communication has been torn apart and then sewn back in every possible theoretical way, the ensuing reality is that, in practice, interaction (therefore communication) is defined by reactions from both sides or from the entire group engaged in it.

As a result, a piece of “citizen news” in the form of a mobile video upload will most likely generate the necessary cohesion component. In the virtual world of hot clips and of the online communities which interact through them, the shared video moments operate the change of a certain occasion (which someone found important enough to share it with the other members) into some sort of reaction, be it an anticipated one or a totally unexpected one.

Online Journalism and video clips

The anatomy of online media where regular people can practically bring into discussion and view subjects they consider intriguing both from their perspective and from the perspective of the community they represent has added (fairly recently) a significant extension. This “new limb” has taken the shape of video uploads. A mobile video upload, for instance, is another form of citizen news in images.

Thus, brief films caught on video cameras or on mobile phones are turned into a succinct illustration of what’s new or shocking or out of the ordinary or beautiful (and the enumeration could go on endlessly) around us. Most frequently, a short commentary accompanies such instances of hot clips, a commentary communicating, first of all, the opinion or the attitude of the “upload generator” toward the uploaded image. Then follow the viewers’ commentaries (if any, but most of the times intriguing pictures are completed by remarks).

We have called them hot clips with the sole purpose of putting an emphasis on the value and the newness (at times, even strangeness) that a mobile video upload of the kind reveals in most of the cases. Therefore, there is no reason to associate hot clips (at least not in our case) with improper or vulgar notions or scenes. Rather we associate hotclips with the special connotations that certain moments elicit. These are the connotations that, ultimately, give birth to this particular online community which opts for the mobile video upload or for any other kind of video upload in order to communicate issues of common interest. In fact, these are the connotations which turn citizen journalism (in any other form as well) into such an active system

Advertising thru Video Clips

Let’s assume you represent a music label and you want to verify the impact of a new track on a target public, you can also opt for this kind of upload video site. Keep in mind that sections from certain musical pieces can be creatively turned into brief, yet catchy hot clips. Also, what’s most important is that hot clips are not targeting young generations exclusively; many times, younger people who have left their home in order to work abroad keep in touch with their families or friends with the help of such hot clips. Subsequently, it may very well happen that parents or aunts/uncles are also members of such a community.

Indeed, this is one captivating type of community. Online communities have become exceptionally populated in a relatively short while, and why shouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that hotclips attract an extended online community? We have labeled it as captivating; we have our reasons for doing it: 1) they are a real magnet for potential members; 2) they are a network where various types of intriguing videos are frequently uploaded, so they maintain their constant means of allurement; 3) they represent a thought-provoking notion and embodiment of that notion, at the same time, the notion of cohesive online community.

Subsequently, placing an advertisement on an upload video site will turn out as one of the best commercial strategies you have adopted lately. Your target public is certain to view your announcement and the results will not fail to turn visible. It is what you were aiming at, in fact. Moreover, one of the best features such a site has is that it will always welcome, with open arms and clearly stated privacy terms, all sorts of users who are interested in sharing moments that are unique or remarkable.

A good market strategy is given by the chance (and the employment of this chance) to place your ads on an upload video site. Placed in the proximity of catchy hot clips, your ads are more likely to reach their target audience

Catching the Eye with your Clips

Now imagine you associate your advertisement with such hot clips. On an upload video site like you will find available enough space to place your commercial before a certain video is played or after the moment it reaches its conclusion. The way in which you combine your commercial with the content of the video is a matter concerning the creativity of the advertisement producers. And keep in mind that members of such an upload video site find it agreeable due precisely to the fact that hot clips are generally very imaginative or they embrace certain key elements which manage to grab the viewer’s attention.

Therefore, it is all a matter of catching the eye. In point of fact, isn’t this the inherent law of any form of advertising? Subsequently, when you are considering hot clips as the adequate vehicle for your adverts, it is a must that you bear the same rule in mind. There’s nothing like inventiveness. On the other hand, if you think it all over again and come to the conclusion that the information your commercial is sharing is enough to stimulate the interest of members of an upload video site, you can resume to simply making available that precise piece of information and chances are that it will catch the viewers’ eye by itself.

Reach Public with Video Clips

There are two manners through which various program organizers – creators of TV programs, as one example – can reach their public: creativity and the right channel. The two manners combined will manage to trigger the kind of advertisement adequate enough to bear an impact and determine the expected reaction from the target audience or viewers. The appropriate channel – the one through which it is recommended to reach your target audience – is definitely the first coordinate you want to consider.

When choosing your channel you must examine and come to a conclusion concerning the type of public who is most likely to use that channel. One category of information vehicle which is very popular among an extended variety of potential public is a reliable upload video site. The emergence of mobile uploaded hot clips has developed into an exceptionally attractive tool of communication among the generations used to interact through Internet. Short films shared on the type of video clips site we were mentioning previously – they are very often short films with a catch – are most frequently easy to remember because there is always something about the information they share that is striking.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

DV editing - the actual process

After you have the digital video in compressed format and have captured onto your computer’s hard drive, editing can start which spans two basic functions – database management and rendering. The database management aspect means keeping track of where your various scenes are, how long you want them to be, and then in what order you want them to play back in. The kind of thing which we call time line.

When you edit a scene , actually you are editting the time line – deciding where the scene begins and ends, you are not really changing the scene at all. You are simply telling the editing software’s database to keep track of these new video locations and use them when playing back the video. This is why it is easy to change your clipstart and end frame or in and out frame, as well as to create alternate versions of the same clip. When you edit your video together, the database then keeps track of which scene should be played first, which should be played second, and so on. If your entire movie consisted only of cuts, the video would not have to change at all. The database would simply have to keep track of all the in and out points, as well as the playback order of the trimmed scenes.

Because it is just a database of play commands – not an actual video file, it is easy to re-arrange the scenes over and over again until you get them just right as per your plan of edit.